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Without auxiliary power SGS-12

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Isolators SGS-12 series create galvanic isolation between input and output circuits. Isolator doesn’t need any power supply. 0/4-20 mA current output signal can also be processed into voltage 0/2-10V signal with standard 500Ω load resistance. Then for class 0,5% it is advised to use voltage input R ≥ 100 kΩ. Quality of isolation depends on breakdown voltage and also capacity between separated circuits.


Input signaldirect current 0 ÷ 30 mA (max. current: 50 mA, max. input voltage: 30V), input voltage divider: 1,9V + 20mA x Rload
Output signalcurrent: direct current I =I ; load resistance: 0-1000 Ω out in voltage: with external resistor on output; terminals for 0/4÷20 mA input: 50 Ω → 0/0.2 ÷ 1V 250 Ω → 0/2 ÷ 5V 500 Ω → 0/2 ÷ 10V
Accuracy±0.05% – 0.05% (Rload / 100Ω)
Power supplydirectly from current loop
Time constantmin. 5 ms; other on request (for example 0.1 s)
Temperature error±0,005% / °C
Dimensions (WxHxD)12.5 x 99 x 114.5 mm
MountingTS-35 DIN rail



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