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The SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan is a real-time Tunable Filter Infrared analyzer capable 
of accurately separating light hydrocarbon components.

Using a unique wavelength scanning tunable filter spectrometer, fast update rates are performed for C1 through C6 analysis. Sampling is a continuous flow-through type, suitable for on-line, unattended operation, while the analyzer does not require carrier gas or high maintenance.

The SpectraScan utilizes a Precisive optical bench which is used extensively in the field. Configurable to meet the specific needs of various applications, the SpectraScan is ATEX, CSA, and IECEx hazardous rated with a standard data interface using MODBUS TCP/IP.

  • C1 to C6 analysis 
  • Continuous, real time analysis 
  • Permanent span calibration 
  • BTU,CV and wobble index
  • CO, CO2, H2
Easy to use
  • Remote, unattended continuous operation 
  • Pre-configured for optimum performance
Low cost of ownership
  • Eliminates carrier gases  
  • Fixed hardware configuration ensures low maintenance costs 
  • Very low zero drift
  • No columns or microvalves to maintain
  • Permanent span calibration
Unrivalled performance
  • Low cross-sensitivity 
  • High resolution 
  • Fast response <4s T90
  • Low maintenance
Benchmark compliance
  • North Amercian Cat 1, Div. 2 ATEX Cat 3 IECEx Zone 2


  • Natural gas quality and composition
  • BTU/Wobbe content measurement
  • Fuel blending and control

  • Gas turbine, engines, fuel cells
  • Alternative (biogas, syngas) fuels
  • LNG production and custody transfer
  • Hydrocarbon speciation applications



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