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The OxyExact safe area oxygen analyzer combines high precision Paramagnetic Osensing technology into a flexible and robust safety-enhanced design, optimized to meet the needs of demanding process monitoring applications like feedstock purity testing and clean up, hydrogen and chlorine production, solvent recovery and sewage and sludge driers. 

Using an intelligent three enclosure system that facilitates simplified and versatile sampling of any flammable gas up to 100% O(oxygen enriched) – with no need for pre-sample drying – the OxyExact dramatically reduces ongoing costs. 

Up to six analyzers can be linked to a single control unit (hazardous area or safe area model variants), ensuring the OxyExact delivers the high performance and adaptability required by the most dangerous process control environments.

  • Can be used in hazard rated locations including Zone 1 and Div. 1
  • Samples any flammable gas up to 100% Owith pressure up to 40psi 
  • High temperature variant allow the handling of high dew point samples
  • Digital communication options: Ethernet and RS485 Modbus
Easy to use
  • Six transmitters can be linked to a single control unit, allowing easy device interaction and set-up
  • Control unit enclosure allows integration of multiple option cards (4 configurable)
  • Internal pressure compensation option to monitor vent pressure variations coupled with high sample pressure option for flare stack applications
  • Internal flow alarm option
Low cost of ownership
  • No need for reference/purge gases during measurement in flammable samples
  • Simplified transmitter interaction via intuitive control unit (hazardous area or safe area model variants)
  • Rugged, resilient design helps ensure long operational life in harsh conditions
  • Auto-validation and calibration
Unrivalled performance
  • Uses industry-leading patented Paramagnetic technology for high performance and accuracy
  • Intelligent enclosure design for exceptional sampling capability
Benchmark compliance
  • ATEX, IECEx, CSA and FM for Zone 1 and Division 1 monitoring
  • SIL 2 hardware compliance, without compromising reliability (functional safety manual available)


  • Oxidation control reactions
  • EO, PTA and EDC manufacturing
  • Catalyst regeneration
  • Hydrogen and chlorine production
  • Solvent recovery
  • Sewage and sludge driers



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