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Modular Compact System SCS 19

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  • Includes all required gas conditioning components
  • Modular design, therefore cost-effective
  • Easy to install: fully assembled and fully wired
  • Simply design for low maintenance costs
  • 1 or 2 gas paths
  • 2 gas cooler performance levels
  • 2 standard flow rates
  • Up to 5 calibrating gases
  • Materials in contact with mediums safe for aggressive mediums
  • Optional acid meter
  • Manual or external control
  • Self-monitoring
  • Integrated programmable calibration and blowback control pending
  • Virtually any number of connections

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In gas analysis it’s important to condition gas before feeding it into the analyser. This requires components such as gas cooler, gas pump, filter, condensate pump and flow meter. Additional functions – e.g. feeding calibrating gasses – may be required depending on the application.

All of these components are combined in the 19” sample gas conditioning system SCS. When designing this unit the modularity was very important to allow it to easily be adapted to various tasks at a low cost. The control is adapted to the respective application and can be controlled manually or externally. The system status is indicated via displays at the front and can also be retrieved externally.
When combined with sample gas probe and analyser the SCS can easily be assembled into a complete gas analysis system. Adding a control unit programmable from memory this system can then also be automated. All components requiring maintenance (e.g. filter) can easily be accessed from the front.
Our sales team will be happy to assist you with building a conditioning system suitable for your application.


 Data sheet 19″ Sample Gas Conditioning System SCS, PDF (748.0 KB)