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ET231 Temperature probes with bayonet lock

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Temperature probes with bayonet lock

  • Pt100, Pt1000, PTC or NTC sensor
  • A4 / AISI316L steel protection tube
  • Steel spring 200 mm as standard 
  • Bayonet caps with one or two slots
  • Range of threaded bayonet adaptors
  • Silicone, fluoroplast or fiberglass cable

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 ET231 Series surface resistance thermometers with bayonet lock are intended for measuring temperatures in solids, on bearings and moulding tools, for example in the plastics industry.

Thanks to the conical shape of the measuring tip, these temperature probes are suitable for use in  cone-shaped bores.

The rugged pressure spring acts as a cable protector and ensures a uniform pressure between the measuring tip and the bottom of the hole. The sensor provides good heat transfer through adjustable spring pressure. The fitting length can be altered by rotating the bayonet lock. 

The sensor is normally a Pt100 temperature sensor to EN 60 751, Class A in 3-wire circuit. Versions with Pt500, Pt1000, PTC or NTC sensors are available at request.


 Technical Datasheet 
 CE Declaration