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    • Sample Gas Pump

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      • Simple, sturdy contruction
      • Long life
      • Convey sample gas with condensate
      • ATEX versions
      • FM C-US approval
    • Sample Gas Probe

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      Gas analysis sample gas probes, to extract sample gas from the process or emission stream, also available as ATEX and IECEx certified versions.

    • Modular Compact System SCS 19

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      • Includes all required gas conditioning components
      • Modular design, therefore cost-effective
      • Easy to install: fully assembled and fully wired
      • Simply design for low maintenance costs
      • 1 or 2 gas paths
      • 2 gas cooler performance levels
      • 2 standard flow rates
      • Up to 5 calibrating gases
      • Materials in contact with mediums safe for aggressive mediums
      • Optional acid meter
      • Manual or external control
      • Self-monitoring
      • Integrated programmable calibration and blowback control pending
      • Virtually any number of connections
    • Mobile Analysis System MAS

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      • Analyser and Sample gas conditioning inside a housing
      • Choose any analyser
      • Programmable sample gas conditioning
      • Fully interconnected
      • Quick couplings
      • Sturdy shock absorbing “flight case” with rollers and handles
      • Locking accessory drawer available
    • Gas Analysers

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      Various gas analysers for extractive analysis systems and in-situ gas analysers, for process- and emissionmonitoring, as single and multi-channel analysers.